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For archives, museums, and cultural heritage organizations, it’s a big challenge to find the expertise you need to get the job done. This is especially true when you’re faced with complex and daunting collection projects where it’s not easy to know where to begin. In understaffed and under-resourced organizations, who’s supposed to do the work? Who has the expertise required? And where’s the budget for all of this?

Hi, I’m Rachael. And I know better than anyone how difficult it is to find the right resources, staffing, and know-how to properly manage your collections.

I specialize in historical research, collections management, digital collection platforms, and grant acquisition strategy.

My mission is to empower archives, museums, and heritage organizations to tackle tough projects with confidence and get back to doing the jobs they love. Schedule a free 60-minute consultation with me to discuss your project and learn more about how I can support you.

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Collection Planning and Management

Launching or reviving collection programs is no easy feat. I've worked with dozens of organizations, from small to federal-level, and I can scope your collection plan appropriately; including pragmatic steps to manage your collection with ease.


Digital Collections Management

Digital collections are a powerful tool when you have the right CMS platform in place. Whether you need help with cutting-edge digital technology, choosing a new CMS, or creating a collaborative portal--I've successfully done it all.


Grant Writing and Teaching

From small local grants, to private foundations, to large federal grants--I've applied to them all and won. Working with me is an investment in your organization so that you can get the money and resources you need to get the job done. 


Historical Research and Genealogy

We're creating history every day. As a trained historian I work with organizations to research their history and help them identify and preserve their legacy. For individuals, I help find forgotten family lineages and long-lost relatives.


"Rachael proved to be extremely adept in refining and updating the existing digital archive plan, supporting development of the data entry process and providing training to our volunteer staff in general archival practices and specific data entry procedures. She was a knowledgeable intermediary between PNRA and the (freeware) archival software provider and became practiced enough in the software to identify a bug that was subsequently scheduled for correction."

Pacific Northwest Railroad Archive

"Rachael is simply the consultant I will continue to engage to further my archival project. She was able in one week to bring order to chaos. Her guidance in leading my team of volunteers to further preserve and protect 130 years of regional history located in the basement of the library. I enjoyed working with her and she was responsive to my questions providing solutions vs. answers."

Astoria Public Library


Get into Grants

Get into Grants is a free mini course that provides an overview of the grant landscape for the cultural heritage field. The course lessons will guide you through the initial work of finding grant opportunities, teach you how to choose the right grant to apply for, and prepare you for what to expect in the grant application. Whether you're brand new, or just need a refresher, this course is a great way to quickly get up to speed and get into grants!

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Going from Zero to Winning with Grants

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to construct a winning grant project idea. Over the course of five modules and 18 lessons you'll learn the building blocks of a competitive grant idea, how to grow your grant idea to address multiple needs effectively, how to define outcomes and deliverables that attract grant reviewer attention, and how to build a project framework from your winning grant idea. The course will come with video instruction, slide decks for each lesson, and a workbook filled with the exercises, helpful templates, and supporting documents. The package also includes a 60-minute grant strategy session with me upon the conclusion of the course. This course is based off my nationally touring workshop and is offered here for the first time as a digital course. 

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COMING SOON: Growing Grant Success with Better Grant Writing

To be competitive, grant writers have to create a well-structured project and persuasively convey project details. This workshop is for anyone (beginner to intermediate) who could use more confidence in their grant writing. The course will offer a sandbox for participants to learn how to construct grant project elements, where to put grant project details, and how to make those details clear and compelling to grant reviewers. *The current launch date for this course is January 2021. Click "Secure Your Spot" for more course information.

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